Comparison of VNC Desktop Solutions

Published: 26th February 2010
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With the number of options available for VNC desktop solutions what is the most important features to look for when buying a desktop control device? This article is a comparison of RHUB and Bomgar's remote support appliance. The greatest advantages that RHUB has over Bomgar appliances and all other remote support products available include knowledge sharing, collaborative support, in-session online training and a reliable, guaranteed connection.
Price difference is what sticks out when the RHUB TS-300 and Bomgar B200 is first compared. The more affordable of the two, RHUB TS-300 with a configuration of two concurrent support session included will run slightly under $2,000. On the other hand, the standard edition of the Bomgar B200 will run you close to $5,900 and the enterprise edition will run up to almost $8,000. If you want additional concurrent support sessions, each one for the RHUB TS-300 costs less than $1,000. Additional concurrent support sessions for the Bomgar B200 standard edition have a price tag of almost $2,000 and the enterprise edition is close to $3,000.
Up to five people at the same time can take part in a single VNC remote support session with the RHUB TS-300. The online collaboration session can be easily converted into a fully interactive web based conferencing as needed. The RHUB remote appliance is ideal for training any new members of the support staff.
A support agent is able to change the online training mode whenever he or she chooses during a remote desktop control session through the in-session online training available with the RHUB. A good number of the tech support calls that come across the wires stems from the customer unfamiliarity with the product. Through the instant training session done with internet conferencing, many of the issues are avoided, which greatly reduces costs. Additionally, customers are even more satisfied and encouraged to buy even more due to a greater appreciation of what your product or service can do for them.
Most companies lockdown employees' desktops after installation to prevent unauthorized internet connections, software downloads, etc. Such strong security measures often make it difficult for remote web desktop. However, RHUB has the solution. It is time to take advantage of the RHUB alternative and watch your business grow and flourish.

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